Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Blood (1982) is a classic. Period.

First Blood has been one of MY favorite movies. I'm not ashamed to say that this movie has kept me entertained for years. IMHO, First blood is simply a powerful and suspenseful action/drama film, and one of the best out there.To truly appreciate this film, you've got to be one who'd look into the quality instead of the action:
  • Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack and the crafted sound design

  • Andrew Laszlo's photography (Good use is made of the BC beautiful scenery)

  • Ted Kotcheff's directing (film is paced perfectly)

  • Stallone, Crenna and Dennehy's perfect performance.

  • ...
Unfortunately, the only complaint I have about this movie is the unnecessary sequels they made. Sadly turning John J. Rambo into 'Rambo' cartoonic character. "First Blood" doesn't bring us John Rambo, the action hero but John Rambo, a regular man with a lot of demons he must face. This is about psychology and pure survival instincts, while the 3 follow-ups are nothing but fictional action entertainment and will never quite live up to this one.

First Blood is the best of the Rambo series without a doubt. It will be remembered forever. Period.

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Nazman said...

I'm 45 years old. I lived in Malaysia..I have same thought with you...very good job indeed you had done so far...FIRST BLOOD..forever in my memories...