Wednesday, June 25, 2008

'On the Set of First Blood': "This Time, We Get to Win!"

After doing some research on Internet, I was really surprised to discover there were only 2 First blood filming locations web site: Oliver Wegner's Rambo Town and Shawn web site. Thanks to these 2 guys!

My only complaint is that there is NOT a lot of good photos trying to compare the movie with the actual location. Well, as my grandpa used to say "If you want the job done, do it yourself!"


OTHELLO Provincial Park

Gateway to HOLIDAYLAND (Trans Canada Hwy / Old Hope Princeton way)

Sheriff Teasle meets Rambo (Water avenue)

Chevron/Dairy Queen (Water/Fort st)

Old Gas Station (Old Hope Princeton way)

Sheriff office + new Outpost gun store (3rd / Wallace corner)

Cheyenne Sport/motorbike chase (Wallace st/Fraser)

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Anurag Prabhakar said...

the environs in the movie r surely one of the biggest reasons why this part stands apart from all it's other 3 adds much to it's cult status......