Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finding the opening scene location

First, let me say, I would have probably never done this movie without this location.

After doing some research on Internet, I found Oliver Wegner's web site: Rambo town. Oliver is also a 'First blood' huge fan and he went visiting multiple times Hope and the surrounding filming locations. But he reported there were "no official records of the filming crew, this location seems to be missing. Actually nobody still today remembers the lake. There are many many big lakes in British Columbia but anyway we cut those from the list that didn't come in question.. ".

Well, it was not really optimistic but I was not ready to give up so soon ;-P.

In order to find the spot, I watched closely at this opening scene. You can notice there are 2 prominent and most recognizable mountains: Golden Ears peak and the Mount Baker (see contrasted picture below).


In fact, this is not a lake. This is the lower Lake Pitt River.

Then these 2 mountains gave me an orientation. And with the help of Google Earth tool and some patience, I could match the topography and isolate the spot.

Latitude 49°19'17.25"N
Longitude 122°40'20.17"W

Following are some capture shots (orientation, topography and aerial view) taken from Google Earth. Fortunately, this area was in high resolution else it would have not been possible to discover the spot.


The Agnola Family said...

Patience and hard work are paying off big time! Congrats. Looking forward to see what you will bring back from your next trip there.

indra wulan said...

great moment for you, right.
and what about somewhere in time (christopher reeve)? would you go there?

Joe Kidd said...

Thank you for this!

D Coquitlam said...


The location of the first scene is a place called "Little Norway". It is located off of Quarry Road in Port Coquitlam BC. There is a large red gate along Quarry Road about five minutes past Minnekhada Regional Park.

I went to the site about 15 years ago while to cabins were still standing but they have since been destroyed by vandals.
Someone recently purchased the property for development.

drummerboy75 said...

Amazing Job! SO is that the real location? I think I saw the video you went there and you said you have missed it about 2 miles.

Batman said...

Opening scene set location is wrong. It's actually about a km south of where you posted on the map. Right in the corner of the river. I boat there all the time.